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Website Localisation

To truly penetrate a new market, your website must cater to the needs and requirements of the local audience. That's why are experts are here to help.
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Brand Localisation

If your brand message isn’t clear, the local market won’t respond well to it. We can assist in adapting your brand to the Thai market.
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Thai Copywriting Courses

Translation alone isn’t good enough when it comes to localisation. We understand this and provide copy for your brand that resonates with the target audiences.
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Marketing Strategy

We conduct local and industry-relevant research to ensure that your short-term and long-term strategies reach the right people and surpass your KPIs.
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Local Photography

From fashion shoots and event coverage to sports and F&B photography, we've got you covered.
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PR & Event Management

Launching a brand or new product line? Let us help you take care of the PR & event organisation to make sure the right people are in the know.
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Influencer Management

Influencers are brand, product and location specific. We find the relevant influencers that will help enhance your brand and engage customers.
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Thai Social Media Marketing

Our research and understanding of the local market and environment means that your brand will be marketed in a way that resonates with the local audience.

“Geo-targeted [social media] posts were 6 times more successful than posts shared globally.”

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Launching a Brand in Thailand

Launching your brand in Thailand can be challenging as the local culture can differ quite a lot to your brand’s place of origin, depending on where it’s from. This is especially true with marketing and digital marketing. The aim is to get your brand’s products and services to resonate with the local market.

Spunky Digital offers a wide range of services to help you launch your brand successfully and efficiently in the Thai market. These services start at simple translation work to full-on digital marketing strategy that includes a full spectrum of marketing efforts.

Spunky Digital will consult with you and your team to establish your goals in the Thai market, and will then be able to assist the brand in multiple areas to facilitate a successful launch.

The team at Spunky Digital is experienced internationally though more importantly has many Thai natives and are therefore well placed to work with brands to help them start their business in Thailand.

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