Google Shopping

Increase your e-commerce sales with Google Shopping ads.

Boost Sales with Google Shopping Ad Campaigns

If you sell products online, you can easily take advantage of Google shopping ads as a powerful way to showcase your products to relevant audiences in order to find better qualified leads and increase traffic to your e-commerce website or store.

Your ads will appear with a product image, title and price in the Shopping tab on Google search, next to Google search results, Google Images, and on the Google Display Network, which includes YouTube, Gmail and more.

Google Shopping ads are one of the best tools for online marketing for online stores. Spunky Digital has years of Google Ads experience and can help your business increase online sales.

Retail-Centric Campaigns

Google Shopping ads are designed specifically e-commerce stores and use photo-based listings that. can increase your online sales.

Higher Conversion Rates

Shoppers are more likely to click on your product ad if you advertise with Google shopping ads than if you only rely on traditional PPC ads.

More Advanced Reporting

Gain more advanced insights into how your ad campaigns are performing so that you can better manage your online advertising.

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