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The global pandemic involving COVID-19 has pushed many businesses worldwide to make significant changes in how they operate. We’ve witnessed products and services transitioning online while most of the workforce continue to work from home or in a hybrid setting. Client responses have provided plenty of perspective on the marketing trends that are working in the new normal.

So, what are the essential digital marketing trends that you need to take note of to help your business engage and retain clients and produce more traffic and revenue? Here are several areas that you must keep an eye on. Trust us when we say that these could not only help keep your business afloat but also blow the competition out of the water!

Dedicate more resources to social media

With more people staying at home and online, companies should be prepared to allocate more resources to social media marketing this year. During the pandemic, digital marketing gurus have seriously made customer retention an urgent priority, and this trend will continue this year. The global health crisis has substantially bolstered the amount of time people spend online. This includes putting in the time to look into different products, brands and companies.

This massive shift gives digital marketers new chances to broaden their horizons, reach new clients, and re-introduce themselves to existing customers. If your business has been procrastinating in taking social media marketing seriously, don’t miss the train and hop on today. You can start by developing a content plan, consistently creating posts, keeping track of metrics, and attracting new business.

Go all-in on Google Listings

If you have a small business, one of the most crucial things you can do is make sure that your local listings are up to date on different search platforms. This is because business-to-consumer or B2C businesses that attract clients on a local front, the listing on Google My Business offers precious information about your operating hours, services and most importantly, your location. It’s an essential factor, and business owners often get surprised to learn just how many directions are out there.

Here’s a pro tip: make sure that you have a geographically-defined service area in your local listings, as this will help your business pop up in “near me” searches. The reason for this is because search engines such as Google identify relevance in their search algorithms. Don’t worry if it seems you’re limiting your service radius, as in doing so, you’ll be able to penetrate that particular market in search results. Making sure your listings are constantly updated will also keep your clients informed of any changes in your operational hours, promos and any other information you’d like to share with the public.

Properly communicate the availability of products and services

Research shows that in the new normal, the accessibility of products and services is the top reason customers are transferring brand allegiance. However, digital marketers can resolve this challenge in several ways. The most obvious solution is to raise the inventory of on-hand products or the availability of time slots for services. These days, you must always try to think out of the box. For example, with the pandemic pushing people to work at home, doctors and dental companies should adjust their availability to more daytime slots and less at night or during the weekend.

If altering stock levels or operational hours is difficult or worse, impossible, this is where communication plays a vital role. You should let your clients know about what you can and can’t do to set expectations better. And for high-demand products, you should also place a visible banner on your site that lets consumers know when these will be available. Now, if you haven’t gathered customer information, consider this the ideal time to start so that you can create a subscriber list to send e-mails that convey whatever messages you want your customers to receive.

Provide more engaging content

Complementing your website or social media page with engaging or interactive elements is a fantastic way to give site visitors or prospective clients value. It works both ways, as you’ll get them to engage with your brand, and in turn, you’ll find out more about them so you can serve your consumer base better. One great example is to put a mortgage calculator on your website if you have a real estate company. With that, you’re providing value to your prospects while also gathering more information from the data they entered into the calculator.

Organize more virtual events

Virtual events got started of sheer necessity. With people not allowed to assemble because of COVID-19, companies and businesses began organising virtual events, and it looks like that trend will continue this year and perhaps, even beyond. This is because companies learned that they opened up new pathways for a new audience by going the virtual route as virtual events are more accessible than in-person ones. With virtual events, you no longer have to deal with travel restrictions and visa issues, which translates to better attendance and more engagement. This then results in reduced costs and a higher ROI. The key, though, lies in picking the right speakers, providing better content and last but not least, letting the audience have more fun! Simply put, virtual events are here to stay even when the pandemic passes as companies have already experienced its glorious benefits.

The digital marketing trends that we just discussed are just a small piece of the entire pie of online marketing trends that you can use to benefit your business this year and even beyond. With the global health crisis transforming the world and the business landscape as we know it, you should always take steps to keep up with such changes. Whether it’s putting more resources into social media and local search, producing more personalised and engaging content, and bolstering the engagement within their customer-facing teams.

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