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Google Ads PPC Marketing

Google Ads is the biggest PPC advertising platform in the world at the moment and is the most used in Thailand and South East Asia by a significant margin. Reach millions of users around the world with targeted and flexible ad campaigns.

Google Ads are used all over the world to increase Business Enquiries, Website Visits, In-store Visits, Brand Awareness and Exposure.

Whatever your business goals are, Google Ads can help you increase your business performance across both Google Search and Google Display platforms.

Get Seen in Google Search Results

Search Ads are paid text-based advertisements which appear in search results on Google. All ads are based on keyword relevance so we can always make sure ads only appear at the right time. With millions of searches happening every second, it is essential to consider as part of your online marketing strategy.

Flexible and highly targeted, Search Ads can give you the edge over your competitors, while also being economical with your budget. Put your brand in front of the right audience and start increasing revenue.

Increase Brand Awareness with Display Ads

A large part of the Google Ads Network is called the Google Display Network. This service consists of both image and video display ads that are ideal for brand awareness and customer acquisition strategies.

With a more visual approach, display ads allow you to build brand recognition while promoting your business to people who are browsing websites, watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail, or using mobile devices and apps.

The Google Display Network is able to reach 90% of all internet users around the world, so it should be an essential part of any effective marketing strategy.

Cost-Effective CPA Campaigns

CPA (Cost-per-Action) is a term used to describe an ad bidding strategy, it means you only pay for an action taken from your ad, a website click, for example.

Ads with a CPA objective can be more cost-effective in certain campaigns, most often used with video-based ads on YouTube. With the correct content strategy, we are able to optimize your budget spend whilst simultaneously maximizing your brand’s exposure.

Features & Benefits

Quick Setup

Each campaign can be quickly executed, delivering fast, measurable results across various channels.

Highly Targeted

With precise targeting strategies we can make sure your content is being seen by the right audiences.

Pay for what you want

We will be able to optimize your campaigns on an ongoing basis, reducing conversion costs wherever possible.

Multilingual Campaigns

Campaigns can be run in various languages, increasing your market exposure and brand awareness

Flexible Campaigns

An advantage of running PPC campaigns is the ability to adjust and optimize at short notice, based on results.

Clear Results

Each user action is trackable and measurable and monthly reports ensure that you are always getting valuable insights.

A small business team working out a marketing plan.


We will provide you with a set of questions that will allow us to effectively run your campaigns. This will cover questions about your current business, brand positioning, target audience demographics, your offerings, etc.

Campaign setup can be done quickly as long as we have all the required information from you. We would aim to launch your campaign(s) within 7 days.

We currently offer Google Ads in English and Thai.

Results can be seen within a few days, but we would need to give the campaign(s) a minimum of 2-3 weeks before we can begin optimising and improving the campaign performance.

Ready to get started?

PPC advertising should be considered as part of any effective online marketing strategy. Combining Google Display and Search Ads together can dramatically improve your business performance while at the same time providing valuable insights into your target audience.

We will create an effective conversion funnel that will target and retarget your most likely customers, giving you increased opportunities to promote and sell your offerings to the right people.

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