Influencer Marketing

Increase your sales and brand awareness with top Thai and international KOLs and lifestyle influencers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Drive Sales, Increase Brand Popularity and Trust

We work with some of the top influencers in Thailand to drive consumer engagement and interest and generate positive ROI. Our influencers range from micro-influencers with thousands of followers to celebrity influencers with millions of fans.

Working with Spunky Digital

Our experienced team will act as an extension of yours to manage your influencer campaigns. The team includes creatives, social media specialists and people-centric influencer managers who deal directly with the influencers.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Influencer marketing is on the rise in Thailand. Let Spunky Digital’s team of experts help you implement the correct strategy so that you can achieve your goals, be it increase awareness, launch new products, enhance brand perception or engage customers.

Engage your Target Audience

Spunky Digital helps brands in Thailand engage with their audience by working with celebrities, influencers, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), micro-influencers, bloggers and vloggers from a variety of industries.


We do not have any influencers on “our books” or on a full time basis. Our dedicated influencer team is well connected and has access to thousands of potential influencers that we will curate for each specific project.

The varies depending on your product and service that we are to promote, what we can offer the influencer, and how many followers the influencer has.

This depends on whether your budget is in the right range, whether the influencer feels your brand will be a good match for their own personal brand, and finally whether our team believes the match will be of value to support your business objectives.

Each influencer has  their unique preferences with what industry or brand they are happy to work with. We will try to find the best match for your industry.

Most of the influencers that we work with are in Thailand, though we can reach out to influencers all throughout South East Asia.

We currently run influencer marketing campaigns in English or Thai.

Brands We've Worked With

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