Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle is a fight and training apparel brand designed to exceed its competition. Each garment is a reflection of their dedication to quality, constructed from premium fabrics and components to withstand the rigour of combat training and hard competition. Vicious Circle not only produces its own branded fight-wear, it also sponsors large MMA events and teams, providing them with fully customised, uniquely designed team clothing. To do this successfully, a brand had to be created from scratch. The logo was designed to convey strength and impact with stand out orange colour. Vicious Circle are soon to be opening a fighting facility within the True Arena in Hua Hin. True Arena is the largest sports complex in the city and offer a multitude of sports and facilities. Vicious Circle wanted an easily recognisable brand for this new facility based on their existing VC logo concept. VC Combat was chosen as a simple yet powerful name. The logo is designed with the same colours as the parent VC brand, while incorporating clear and bold typography for strength and impact.
The logo is designed to have impact through it’s bold and aggressive lines. The design of the symbol is supposed to convey the letter “V” and a subtle “C” through the outer ring. The form of the symbol is also designed to insinuate the beginning of every fight, where the fighters touch gloves.
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